How You Can Help

PLEASE HELP us to halt this plan to jeopardise our local ancient monuments and despoil what’s left of our lovely countryside. Underhanded secrecy to hide it from the public! Very questionable grooming type relationships between the wreckers and council officials! Side stepping of elected councillors to keep them in the dark! Reckless endangerment of lives and homes! Hilarious, but costly and wickedly careless, misleading of vulnerable young people.

THE FULL DIRTY STORY can be found at the link at the bottom of this post.

IF YOU REALLY CARE about preserving our ancient and sacred sites; IF YOU REALLY CARE about protecting our diminishing countryside; IF YOU REALLY CARE about setting good example to young people, PLEASE spare a couple of minutes to email the following addresses:


To make it EVEN EASIER, you can cut and paste the following text:-

“I request that the Stanza Stones Project of the Ilkley Literature Festival, be halted, until proper public consultation is undertaken, and other important concerns about the project are properly dealt with.”

Or of course, use your own words!

And now for something completely awful…


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