Red Velvet Illiteracy

There was a panic at the Ilkley Literature Festival, when it was discovered that the mad rush to get the Stanza Stones Project pushed down the public’s throat, had led to a most embarrassing error…

Paul Price* and Amber Bednall were commissioned by the Ilkley Literature Festival to design a range of materials for poetry workshops for young people including poems, poets letter, intro card, timetable and an ambitious 3D embossed map of a poetry trail around the Pennine Watershed. These were to be placed in red velvet boxes and sent to different poetry groups. Very posh, very slick and as it turned out very ironic. Unfortunately and despite the literary nature of the project team and their claims of providing a ‘master class’, a rather embarrassing spelling gaffe was not spotted.

Feldberg & Co.

Feldberg & Co.

The new way of spelling 'Pennine'!

‘The Team’ as they proudly presented themselves, allowed the online publication of the featured picture, exposing the booklet with the ‘Penine Watershed’ cover.

Oh dear! There are actually three ‘n’s in the word Pennine!  But maybe it is unreasonable of us to expect that people working for a Literature Festival be literate?  What do you think?

"What's in the magic box!?"

“What’s in the box?” An excited group of young people prepare to open one of the boxes.

We know what you are thinking, it’s only one mistake on one leaflet; but think again! The text of the booklet was also placed online in photo images, but was promptly removed when we began to alert the public of its poorly produced contents.  In the coming weeks we’ll try to retrieve and republish it. If we can do so, we will be offering a prize for the first person to point out all of the spelling and grammar mistakes.  OH YES! It really is that bad!

* Paul Price is/was a student at Leeds College of Art, under the tutelage of Rachel Feldberg’s husband David Collins. Mr Collins is proponent of interventionist/transgressive art, which involves the defacement of others work. Obviously to some, this rather perversely includes the handiwork of mother nature.


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