The Liars

The ‘liars’ are the people involved in the Stanza Stones (SS) project who, covertly and by misuse of local government and environmental regulations that apply to the rest of us, have thought it a good idea to bypass SSSI regulations and carve on the rock up Backstone Beck, Ilkley Moor, at location SE 12549 46814 without asking or informing local people of their decision, and without consulting a single independent local or natural history group.  The main people responsible for this debacle are:

These people – two of whom told the public “they would never carve on any stone on Ilkley Moor” – have a history of deviance and coercion, abusing their positions to extort benefits for themselves and those willing to play their games.  A realistic idea of the nature of these people is to compare them to politicians – deceptive, lying egomaniacs – but with even less intelligence. To find out more about how these people have conned us and made plenty of money in the process, click on their names.

(NB: This site is under development.Pics, document files and other features will be added shortly.)


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